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Even small businesses deserves big solutions
Because we are a small, web-based digital marketing company, we have better cost control than larger agencies and are able to offer big solutions at a price small businesses can afford. We ensure that our campaigns perform how they are supposed to. Our agency is great because we contract & hire great talent to fulfill the needs of our clients. With a true understanding of small business needs we are able to offer tailored solutions within the small business price point.

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Full Digital Service: Regardless Of Budget

Effective content marketing cannot be accomplished without a congruent strategy. Social media management needs PPC, PPC needs SEO and still SEO needs creative writing and production. Every small business deserves access to the best options available to guide them to their final destination. Therefore, we offer all needed content marketing services to our clients regardless of their budgets. This allows us to focus on results.

Everything for One Price

Our process is all encompassing and we work on a project management schedule from most important (Profit Driven) to less important to accomplish more in less time. So one month we may spend 10 hours on SEO and social media but when your search position is good we might suggest switching to a social media/content creation strategy.

Actionable Social Intelligence Strategic Marketing Planning for Small Business

Strategic Marketing Intelligence

Track what your competitors are doing, track what your customers and potential customers are doing and track what your are doing right in wrong with our social intelligence program. Then use this information for growth.

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Community Intelligence

Learn what your ever-growing but finite community are thinking, feeling and saying about your products and services. Leverage this information to improve your service offerings and growth your bottom line.

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Competitor Intelligence

Imagining knowing about your competitor's temporary closing a week before they closed?Understanding your competitors strengths and weaknesses makes your business stronger and more profitable.

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Brand & Reputation Intelligence

Prevent bad reviews from effecting your business, Understand how people feel about your company and leverage online talks about your company to strengthen your bottom line.

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Social Media Marketing & Management Making your business bigger online.

Content Marketing

Written words have built and broken nations. The power of written word is the most powerful tool a you can use to get you message out and for this we manage the entire process for you.

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Social Media

Things that get measured gets improved. All decisions should be made based on the best data that is available. Leave it to us to find the data you need and manage your social media program and marketing efforts.

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Workshops & Seminars Seminars offered by Fankonnect Digital Marketing Agency

Follower Analysis

Understanding exacting who your followers are online and what they do in the digital realm is of the upmost important.

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In or Out

Learn rather outsourcing your social media management to a firm or hiring an in-house manager is best for your business.

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Social Strategy

Together we create and effective but lean social media strategy that connects with your audience and easy to implement.

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Social Growth

Learn about the things which needs to be down that helps you grow your followers and like on the top social networks.

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Post Design

All about designing the 140 word limit tweet and other posts to ensure it's effectiveness at connecting with your followers.

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Social For Late Adapters

We teach late adapters how to use and setup social media to communicate with their loved one and friends.

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